-45 Minute Voxer Call
-3 days voxer access for follow up questions

Once and for all you can become confident in your prices. I believe in TEACHING you how to price so you can stop banging your head against a wall. Up until now I know you've been copying other people's prices and second guessing yourself into insecurity. It's time to change that so you can stand firm in your prices during sales conversations.

 In a pricing strategy session we cover;
-Pricing for your unique niche and target audience
-Competitor analysos
-Pricing Psychology (So you can make effortless sales)
-Confidence in your pricing (No more panic discounting)
- Pricing objections (We're gonna send these into the abyss and learn how to ethically handle them)

After this session you'll leave knowing how to price and gaining pricing confidence you will be able to sell out your offers with ease.


WHy it'll benefit your business:



(Payment plans available upon request)

-2 hour zoom call
-2 weeks voxer access for follow up questions

Intensives are meant to be INTENSE (pun intended).

Even before our session begins I will have you fill out a questionnaire learning more about your goals and your business. So as soon as we jump on the call we are able to maximize your time with me.

During this two hour session we start with an in-depth product suite audit to find out what is working for your + your audience and what is not. We will focus on what is giving your audience the most impact and what brings you maximum profitability. Then we find out what will give you the most clarity and alignment in your business so you can stop doing daily busy work. And get back to focusing on the reason you started your business in the first place, to live your dream life. 

Each session is individualized to your business, your niche, your audience, your goals, your family... your EVERYTHING. 

After this session you'll leave with an action plan of what products/services to stop selling, what to start creating, and a plan to help you get there.


WHy it'll benefit your business:




$200 Per Hour

Speaking has always been a passion of mine. I love being able to share knowledge, inspire others and challenge those of whom I'm speaking to. 
My more formal trainings will get relevant Ebooks, and the presentation will be done via a slide deck.
Time for questions is allotted within this hour.

Topics can include; pricing for online businesses, product suites for online businesses,  motivational, topics for veterans, topics for moms, how to improve the coaching industry, client satisfaction, ethical businesses, and quite a few more.