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If you own a service based business, social media engagement has become almost essential. Social media presence has created a close connection between the service provider and their audiences. Meanwhile if you’re ready to grow your audiences connection, check out these social media engagement tips.

Why is social media engagement so powerful? Social media engagement takes a simple strategy, relationship marketing, and blows it up hundred fold. Furthermore, it helps our audience trust us more.

“Relationship marketing is a facet of customer relationship management (CRM) that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales. The goal of relationship marketing (or customer relationship marketing) is to create strong, even emotional, customer connections to a brand that can lead to ongoing business, free word-of-mouth promotion and information from customers that can generate leads.”

Laura, aberele;

The above description of relationship marketing is beautiful. It’s creating super fans for your business. With social media marketing these benefits are exemplified. The concept of; know, like and trust is magnified. The businesses who use this marketing end up almost being like a personal friend.

Social media engagement talks to potential customers about personal details of their everyday life.

For instance, responding to pictures of their dogs and their kids. These are intimate details of someone’s every day life that you would never expect a corporate giant to pay attention to. (Could you imagine Jeff Bezos responding to your instagram story about a picture of your chai tea? I would probably die.)

Creating an even more personal relationship marketing market it creates a smoother sales transition process for customers. It feels like buying from a friend. On a general standpoint, we trust friends. Friends have our best interest at heart. A friend recommending a product, we won’t hesitate to pull out our wallets and purchase.

And boom. Thats social media engagement in a nutshell.

Time to go over some tips to get the maximum use out of your social media engagement.

Here’s some social media engagement tips to gain better customer relationships:

1: Be genuine

As in, be who you really are. Overtime it becomes apparent if you’re being fake online. The easiest way to make genuine connection with your audience, is to just be genuine. Only comment and reply to posts that actually speak to you. If the only comment you can think of makes you sound like a college discussion board, probably best not to comment it. No more comments like; “Love it!!!” or just emojis.

2: Only expect to give value, not take anything.

The social media engagement mindset is important. In short, it’s the mindset of being there to truly be helpful. To be so helpful that you are a beneficial asset to someone’s business, or their life. It is the true act of going into the conversation with no strings attached. That is to say that social media relationship marketing is a slow burn. It’s not a strategy that works overnight. However, it works over months, and sometimes years, to gain those strong relationships. By taking away any sort of timeline and creating an environment where you are friendly and like to give advice + value; you create the best types of relationships.

Social media engagement tip: Create a giving mindset.

3: Give only when asked.

No one wants to be bombarded with tips, or links to whatever you’re currently doing without asking. It’s online consent. Everyone is constantly bombarded with links and information, it can be overwhelming. Don’t assume anyone wants anything from you unless they are explicitly asking. If someone seems to be interested; literally asking “I have (insert beneficial thing here) that might help you, would you like me to send you a link?” The person must ALWAYS prompt you sending this. The days of people accepting cold DM’s are over.Sending cold DM’s are an overused strategy so much to the point where it’s constantly mocked. It’s a fast way to get blocked now.

In conclusion, social media relationship marketing can be a game changer for service providers. It allows business owners to have a greater connection with our audience. This increases conversion rates from our social media profiles.

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