Social Media Detox While Running An Online Business

Social media detox; what is it and why can it help your business? With the every growing popularity of social media there is an overwhelming amount of pressure to join as much social channels as we possibly can. The logic is that the more platforms we are on, the more chance of exposure, and it will help our businesses grow.

So what are the benefits to using social media for an online business? Social media is a great place to raise awareness about your business and contribute to relationship marketing. Each social platform has different advantages for reaching your ideal client and ideal audience.

But social media moves quickly. The average life-span of a tweet is just 15 minutes! Because social media moves so quickly it can feel like we have to consistently be on each platform or we’re going to miss out on a massive growth opportunity. However, we have to remember that this feeling is not a fact. We have to take care of our own mental health and other business activities without getting addicted to social platforms.

A detox can be needed when you start to notice yourself getting burnt out on platforms. When it’s no longer enjoyable to make content, or you’re dreading connecting with your audience. This is a tell tale sign of social media burnout.

When you start to feel social media burnout, it’s a good idea to take a step back. In other words, it might be time to commit to a detox.

What is a detox?

A social media detox is taking a committed amount of time to using social channels less. This can look different for everyone. Maybe you need to cut it off cold turkey and delete all apps for a week, or a month. Maybe you just need to stop opening up Instagram to see how many new followers you got at 6 am. (Anyone else an early riser, or have kids? Lol.) A detox will help you gain more excitement and productivity in your business and life.

Tips for taking a social media detox:

1: Use apps that will help you detox. It sounds a little ironic, using technology to go through a detox, but this is exactly what can help! There are apps, on the computer and on phones) that can restrict the amount of time used for each app. My personal favorite is Forest. This cute little phone app grows trees or plants for you as you take time away from other apps. This massively increases my productivity!

2: Don’t reach for the phone first thing in the morning. Starting your day off strong can create better habits throughout the day. It will help you feel more awake as well. Feeling more awake definitely helps you be more productive.

3: Habit tracking can help you break the habit. Commit to a set amount of hours you want to be using each app, or your phone each day. Then start tracking it! Checking off a box or filling in a bubble at the end of each day when you hit your goal will help reinforce using it less.

If you’re interested in a longer explanation on the podcast that I Co-Host; The Revolutionista, we have an entire episode on Social Media Detox. Give that a listen here!

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