Teachable or Podia; Which Course Platform Should You Invest In?

Teachable or Podia … who to chose?! If you’ve decided to have a passive product for your online business but you can get stuck on the overwhelming choice of where to go.

Each course platform has its pros and cons. It will ultimately be up to what you’re looking to achieve with the platform on which will be the most beneficial for you.

But for now, let’s take a look at two comparable course platforms in the same price range for the basic plan. Let’s start this duel of Teachable or Podia!

First up we have Podia.

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Platform features: Podia is an online course platform that offers two plans. The basic plan is $39/monthly and offers a platform to have webinars, digital downloads and courses. It also includes a basic website that you can customize the name of to build out sales pages. With email so you can update subscribers on the latest information.

The $79 monthly plan in addition offers a blog, zoom integration, and an embedded buy now button so you’re able to use the buy now on your personal website.


  • Low price to try out at first.
  • Zero transaction fees on any of the plans.
  • 14 day trial. You can try it out and if you decide to move onto a different platform you can.
  • The platform is consistently evolving and getting better. They seem to be listening to pain points their customers are having and wanting to improve. This would be a greta platform to be a pioneer with and grow with.


  • The sales pages are INCREDIBLY limited. There is not even an option to add an image without any text. There is also no option to fit the sales page for mobile. This is a huge disadvantage
  • No option for a thank you page once the client purchases.
  • No integration with outside email systems. Email marketing within the platform is very basic and is only good for use of emailing out updates of the course.

Overall; the basic version of Podia is good if you’re planning on only distributing simple ebooks with it. If you’re looking to have massive products be a big part of your scaling business, you will quickly grow out of the platform.

teachable green logo


Features: Teachable has three plans to choose from. The price ranges from $39 monthly to $279 monthly. Each level includes unlimited students, videos and courses to create. As well as email marketing, product support and training for you as the course creator.


  • For coaches: there is a coaching portion within Teachable for clients to book
  • Graded quizzes and more features for the other than basic accounts. These extra features are great to ensure you’re hitting all different learning types with your content.
  • Course training platform. There are courses on Teachable to help you.
  • It integrates with a variety of different platforms. Including Convertkit, Mailchimp, Zapier and Facebook Pixel. This is HUGE for retargeting ads.
  • Includes thank you pages and upsells.


  • 5% Transaction fees on the most basic plan.
  • Email marketing is
  • Sales pages are fairly robust and customizable but you cannot adjust for mobile within the designer.

I now host my courses on Teachable; if you want to see an example of my sales pages and what you can do within the Teachable platform you can check it out here.

Overall I recommend doing a trial of platforms that seem appealing to you. Each person likes the interfaces differently and needs something different for their style of business.

Have you tried a course platform before? What did you like or not like?

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