Gift The Literati Book Subscription For The Holidays.

During the holiday season it can feel like a struggle to find the perfect gifts for your kids. Not knowing what list to send family members is hard! Younger preschoolers and toddlers who have an ever growing list of what they want by circling every single item in holiday magazines. Make it easy on yourself this year and give your kids the gift of books! Enter: The Literati Book Subscription.

The Literati book subscription is a simple concept but a genius idea. It’s a cancel any time subscription for books for kids! It’s simple to start; first off pick the age of your kids, when you to receive your boxes (it can be as often as once a month or as frequent as once a year) and then you wait!

A gorgeous teal box will be delivered to your door after the first of the month. Inside there will be 5-6 books waiting for you to choose from, plus a poster and some other goodies and easy return instructions. You can choose to keep one, or keep them all! The return process is really simple. Even having the option to request a few extra days for return if you are on vacation or life just gets in the way.

A new feature this year for the holiday season you also have the option of gifting a box! (Or having your in-laws gift you a box.) Find that here; You can be gifted one box, a subscription from 3, 6, or 12 months, a gift card or a themed box depending on your kids ages.

The books selected are always incredibly insightful and the themes are appropriate for each developmental stage as well as pushing them, and you, to think beyond the limits of what you might find on Amazon or in the store.

Personally I’ve always been the biggest fan for the ease of use. We are consistently going through books, as Eladia loves to read the same books over and over and over again. This can wear myself down, and it’s best for her development to learn about new stories. New books are amazing way to open up children’s view of the world and introduce new concepts, cultures, and people who look completely different from ourselves. Having a curated book subscription each month has been amazing. If you ever need to skip a month it’s as easy as a click of the button!

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FAQ About Literati Book Subscription:

Whats the cost? Total cost will be around $60. At first the subscription is sent out you are charged $10 for that month. If you choose to keep the books this will be credited towards your total. Individual books vary in cost but typically are in the $10 range. It will show the price of each book as well as how much of a discount you are getting by purchasing through Literati and not through Amazon. You get an additional 10% discount for purchasing all the books.

Do the kids like the books? My daughter LOVES them! Getting a new box in is always a celebration.

How is their customer service? I’ve had to contact them a few times and have been nothing but pleased! Their punctuality is pleasing and they are incredibly accommodating while maintaining a professional atmosphere.

Have you ever tried a book subscription? What were your thoughts?

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