Amazon Japan Favorites by Angeline

A little while ago I made a terrible discovery, for my wallet. You can visit and get goodies shipped from Japan internationally. I spent a year living in Japan from 2015-2016 and absolutely fell in love with the country and the culture. So here are some of my favorites from Amazon Japan!

In Japanese Village circa 2015

Without further ado here are my Japan Amazon Favorites.

1: Anything Nemu Nemu

Nemu Nemu’s are premium stuffed animals. They are incredibly soft and offer an almost therapeutic squeeze to them. They’re like the now popular SquishMallows but way better. The material inside of them is like a memory foam that melts as you squish it.

Link to premiere Nemu Nemu’s.

They are EVERYWHERE in Japan
My delight when I found out the toast had a butter butt.

2: Qoo

Qoo is al apple juice sent from the gods. It has an unbelievably clear taste and yummy apple flavor. It tastes like a more crisp version of apple cider without cinnamon. The taste is similar to honey crisp apple apple cider.

Unfortunately this will not ship to the United States (Cue the waterworks). But I have seen it in select Asian marts in the US!

3: Children’s Toys

Japanese toys are like no other. They are innovators in the technology space, and it shows through the quality of their children’s toys! The toys are sure to delight your kids with their ability for long lasting play, and will give a few giggles since they can be a bit goofier than the ones in the US!

See the dentist toy below.

Overall, you can really choose no wrong when it comes to picking from amazon Japan! Be aware of the shipping costs as it can typically run from $30 to $40 per shipment. (Pro tip; to do an easy conversion from the Japanese Yen to USD move the decimal one point to the right. So ¥1,620 would be $16.20. It’s not exact but will give you an estimation of how much it costs.)

Have you ever bought from amazon from another country? What were your favorites?

If you liked this post let me know if you want me to do a Part 2! Or if there’s a particular category you would like featured.

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